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The 40 Different Kinds Of Sex Women Actually Want

[Originally published on MensXP]

I’m not talking about morning sex, or break up sex, or shower sex. No.  I’m talking about the following things. Sit up, and take good note because I won’t be saying this again.

1. Sex in the middle of a rom-com in an empty movie theatre

2. Sex which starts with just passionate kissing

3. Sex where you want her as soon as you lock the door behind you

4. Sex that starts with a ‘Good morning’ in the kitchen and ends up with both of you on the floor and the tea spilling over the stove

5. Sex that ends in hours of cuddling and snuggling, like you’re koala bears

6. Sex with so much sexual tension that you just can’t hold it in

7. Sex with you moaning softly into each other’s hair

8. Sex where you can just not help being so effing loud, who cares if the neighbours hear you?!

9. Animalistic sex that ends up against a wall

10. Aggressive sex that leads to the bed creaking consistently

11. Sex with your favourite love song in the background

12. Sex that starts on the bed and ends in the shower

13. Sex in a bathtub with essential oils and flowers

14. Sex that ends up with her in mid-air

15. Sex that ruins the freshly washed sheets and the neatly done bed for good

16. Sex that does not involve your phone ringing and interrupting the romp

17. Sex where you can’t help but saying each other’s names out loud 

18. Sex with multiple orgasms

19. Sex with constant and unfailing eye contact

The 40 Different Kinds Of Sex Women Actually Want

© Tumblr

20. Sex with you giving her all the oral she can handle

21. Sex with you doing all the work

22. Sex with non-stop kissing

23. Sex with continuous touching

24. Sex when you tell her how you’re going to make her orgasm and you do just that

25. Sex that starts in the driver’s seat of your car and ends in the bedroom

26. Sex at that family function because you just can’t keep your hands off each other

27. Sex when she initiates it

28. Sex that is absolutely 100% missionary

29. Sex with you being able to unhook her bra in the first try and not fumbling with her underwear

30. Sex when she interrupts you during your work-from-home schedule; on your desk

The 40 Different Kinds Of Sex Women Actually Want

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31. Sex in the middle of the night on the terrace or balcony when the world around you is asleep

32. Sex that starts with you kissing her in the middle of an argument

33. Sex during a simple cuddling session because it’s getting too irresistible to not do

34. Sex right after you just finished because it was so amazing we want to do it again

35. Sex that involves just oral action

36. Sex with endless—we mean endless—hours of foreplay

37. Sex that is so good that it leaves her a bit shaky and unstable after it

38. Sex that doesn’t involve you getting awkward when we squirt, wee or queef

39. Sex that doesn’t involve you finishing in like 5 seconds, or 5 hours

40. Sex that involves both of us finishing together, at the exact same time

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Feature Image Courtesy: Pexels


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