To say that I have dated one too many guys in my life is to put it very lightly at the cost of insulting my experience in dealing with men. I’ve actually lost count of the amount of guys I have gone out with and well; it’s not like all the dates were exactly memorable anyway, which is probably why I don’t remember most of them. There was one in a coffee shop and it was the blandest I ever had and I don’t mean the coffee. There was one at a photography exhibition and I probably would have gone out with the camera and the canvases rather than the guy. There was also one at a pub and I noticed that the ceiling actually had some pretty cool graffiti on it. There was another one at a pub and I wished there had been more alcohol.

You get the point. Basically, I am so bogged down by consecutive bad date experiences that I would probably cringe at the fact that you actually brought the word ‘date’ up in our conversation and it’s not you; it’s me!

So, why would I even want to give it another chance, anyway? Why go through the traumatic drag of trying to dress for someone who is too busy wondering how to undress you at the earliest. Why go through the whole dilemma of to shave or not to shave? Why do I waste my money, time, energy and a perfectly good day on a human being whose face I may not even like?

It’s simple, because I might just actually end up with him and, looks like there is only one way to find that out. The difference between the guys I date and the man I marry really only has to be one simple date. Like they say, it only needs to happen once!


True that I’m going to have to meet, if not kiss, a lot of frogs before I meet the one who is actually a prince (not literally, but if he is then, wowsie)! But when I look back, I’m going to take a wild guess and say it will all finally be worth it. You might wonder how I plan to tell the frogs apart from the prince… I was hoping you would ask!

See, over time, I have come to believe that I am a lot closer to being with the man I’m going to marry. And here is how I know…

We’ll Match Like Magic  

Not just like how you match on Tinder, no. Like really match—our ability to randomly jump from one topic to another flawlessly, our lame sense of humour that has everything to do with puns, how the two of us absolutely have to drink a glass of milk before bed, or read the Bible, or just cuddle all through the night. The fact that we connect subconsciously and in quite a cosmic way that we had absolutely no control over in the first place will only make us feel that divine intervention probably had something to do with our meeting.

We’ll Talk Tirelessly

About our hopes, ideals, our habits, our weird moments when our friends almost disowned us, our hectic routines and the fact that we’re just so overtly silly that no one can help us! In fact, we’ll talk to such a point that we won’t even realize the difference between an early morning and a late night. And we won’t mind, period. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing because it feels so natural, effortless and enjoyable.

We’ll Smile Uncontrollably

A lot. Whenever he texts, or calls; or whenever he shares a picture that reminded him of something I probably said. And it won’t just be any random smile you get when someone you’re fond of checks in with you, no. It will be the kind of smile that will have us gleaming and gushing from our eyes to our cheeks, secretly admitting to ourselves how we were waiting for this. It’s a subconscious knowing that we don’t really know about until we know.

We’ll Feel Connected

Like never before! Like before us, connection was a word that only existed in the sockets and plugs in our houses and on social networking sites! It’s the kind of feeling when you don’t necessarily need to be in the same room as the other person to feel like they’re only inches away from your face and you want the inches to go away entirely. It’s the kind of connection that will leave you feeling warm and wanted and like your place in this world; your reason of existence is finally complete; like every piece of the puzzle is finally in place.

We Will Feel The Energy

Not the chemistry; not the lust; not the physicality; but the force of attraction at work! We will feel drawn to every word, action or look. We will view everything the other person does as nothing less than heavenly, intriguing and worth investing all our time in. We wouldn’t mind them doing it over and over again as long as we’re with them in that moment. And the best part about it? They wouldn’t mind it either! Actually, we’ll more than just not mind it; we’ll probably plan our every move with the other person in mind and it’s completely subconscious.

It Transcends Sexual Desire

And how?! In that moment, you realize that you really just want to be with that person, emotionally and well, spiritually! You realize that cuddling up and talking all night as you stare into each others’ eyes is one of the most electrifying experiences of your entire life! In that moment, you wonder how you can feel all this without actually doing much else and you wonder how you never felt this way before. But, deep down, you already know why you didn’t.

We’re In Sync

I barely think about that time he made me feel so special and I see his name light up my phone screen. He barely wishes he could see me and I announce I am reaching his place. It’s not about what we want; it’s about how we just happen to know what we want. It’s like our hearts are constantly beating and our levels of attraction are soaring so high that we just can’t help how perfect our timing is!

Everything Will Just Click

We’ll be seeing the signs of how we are cosmically meant to be together. We’ll truly realize the meaning of soul mates and the idea of how everyone has entered this world in pairs. We will finally see why all those other guys just didn’t work out; even the one who felt a lot like love. The whole philosophy of magic, law of attraction, the fire, the Universe and divine intervention will all make sense, finally!

We Are Better Together

We might be great people individually; we might be extremely good looking with a witty sense of humour and people think there’s no one as cool as us. That’s just their opinion and, from time to time, we may or may not believe them. But, when we’re together, we can bet that there is no one in the world as good as we are—together. It’s like everything the other person does makes you a better person and every time they tell you how wonderful a human being you are, you really, truly believe it!

And The World Can See It

It’s not just us who think that we bring out the best in one another; but it’s everyone else, too.  One look at us, and they’ll be gushing about how the two of us were just meant to be; about how we are so good together and how we complement one another. And it’s true. Because every time that we’re around each other, we will beam and gleam and gush and blush in all the wonderful ways that bring out the best in us like never before!
That’s when we’ll know that this is more than just a random date. That’s when I’ll know that this is not just some other guy.


Image Courtesy: Unsplash