25th_FlickrIt’s not every day that you turn 25! You have successfully completed one quarter of your life; it’s time to celebrate! But, wait. It is also that time when you ponder over your life and what you have achieved (and lost) so far. It’s a great accomplishment in itself but, for the sake of it, let’s just see what 25 things you learn when you turn 25.

  1. Clean Up Your Own Mess: It’s difficult and sometimes you want to sit and wonder ‘why did I, even’! Frustrating, I know. But by this age, you know that only you can pick up the bits and pieces of your life and put it together, in a better way, or at least try. It’s going to take a lot of work and you need to be alone, we get it.
  2. Choose Your Friends Wisely: You have reached that stage in your life when you don’t care about being surrounded by loads of people anymore. It’s the really important ones that matter now. You have a few close friends you can count on your fingers and you intend to keep it that way. Good call.
  3. Cut Down On Alcohol: Yes, you’ve had your wild days when you drank like an elephant and woke up at a friend’s friend’s place. But now, you just don’t have time to deal with hangovers because you’re too busy trying to meet deadlines and get that appraisal you’ve been working for. Attagirl!
  4. Enjoy a Boring Life: You now revel in the fact that your life has fallen into a routine. You get up at the same time everyday, go to work, come home, get into your pyjamas and watch senseless television till your blinkers start drooping. And it starts all over again the next day. It’s something you have learned to love about your life. Don’t expect the others to love it, though.
  5. Family is Everything: They were there when you were broke at the end of the month, when you quit your job, when you broke up with your long-term boyfriend whom you thought you would marry and they were there when you were sick. Only, you didn’t realise it then. But, hey, it’s better late than never and now you spend more time making memories with them and feeling like you are a part of something bigger!
  6. Health is Wealth: You have reached a point in your life where you know that if you don’t take care of yourself, no one is going to come and spoon feed you. Medicines, or not; doctor, or not; diet, or not; it’s you against all the viral and bacteria doing the rounds. Gotta toughen up, eh? Good luck with that.
  7. Money Needs to Last: You stop living from one day to the next. You give up on the ‘live in the moment’ philosophy because you realise that you need to save for a future. While money may not be everything, it is what you work for and at the end of it all, everybody wants to die rich. And not all of us are heirs to an empire, like Paris Hilton or the Birlas. Just saying.
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  8. Travel Alone: Whether it’s your work, or your own little leisure trip, you have learned to enjoy your short getaways with yourself. Travelling alone is the best way to find your own solace and you revel in it because it takes you away from the moribund schedule you have grown rather accustomed to.
  9. Commit: It could be a relationship, a project, or a life goal. But you find yourself better able to take the leap now, more than ever. You are mentally and emotionally stronger to take on the responsibility and be solely accountable for things. *Pats you on your back*love-weheartit-fingers
  10. Take A Stand: At some point in time, everybody needs to grow up and differentiate the just from the unjust. That time has come for you. You now believe in something and that makes people take you seriously. Even if this means saying ‘No’ to someone who is at a more respectable position than you are, if the situation demands it. You have grown a spine and that, my dear friend, gets a lot of respect these days.Disney-Memes-image-disney-memes-36538140-1045-434
  11. Stop Apologising: No, you aren’t an investment banker; you want to get married at a young age; you want to quit your job and start over. It’s making you happy and no one else is paying for it! Congratulations, you have officially stopped feeling sorry you tripped over! People are going to condemn you and question you, anyway. So you might as well be happy about it. You, girl, are dying with no regrets!
  12. Accept That You Are Human: Everybody hurts. You have heard R.E.M sing about it (on loop) and you know they were right. Everybody makes mistakes and there is no one doing a tally on whose count is more. You now realise that it’s okay to trip, fall, get up and start over. It happens to everyone. You have learned to forgive yourself and move on. In fact, you’re positive that even God has forgiven you.
  13. Cherish Memories: Old snaps from when you were small and were surrounded by unknown faces, stickers from your old notebooks, your old school badges, notes written to friends, concert wristbands, little old pendants and charms—you cherish them all because these things remind you of a time when you were still ignorant of the troubles and real world problems of growing up. It makes you feel what you have not felt in a very long time.
  14. Donate: You are more charitable today than you were some years ago (let’s not start on how you didn’t want to give away that old doll to your maid’s kid). Old clothes, shoes, leftover food items that you or anybody else will not eat, coins from when someone gave you extra change—they have all been put to good use thanks to your generosity. I am so proud of you.
  15. Pray: You have begun to understand that sometimes, prayers are all you have and they do yield results. You believe that there is a super power that is watching over all of us. It could be anything, or anyone. It may not be the ceremonial words written in the Holy Scriptures but they are your words. It’s just a heart-to-heart conversation and it’s not always about asking for anything.
  16. Stay Away from Gossip: Maybe it’s one of the ways for you to fit in with friends, or your new office colleagues or a neighbour; but, you know that gossip can only breed negativity. After all that you have been through, you know that the person being talked about is a person. It doesn’t make you an outcast if you don’t gossip; it just makes you a better person. You have finally arrived.
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  17. Look Back: Call it introspection; but this is the time when you look back at your younger years and compare who you used to be with who you are. You have come a long way. Maybe you feel bad that you are no longer as naïve or innocent as you used to be. But, you’re a lot stronger than you thought you would ever be. You have grown into a beautiful young woman and you can take all the credit for it.
  18. Groom Yourself: Whether it’s in the form of makeup, or just taking care of your looks; you have become a lot more particular about your image and personality. You like to look and feel a certain way and a little TLC never hurt. In fact, if anything, you deserve it now more than ever since you have earned it!
  19. Go Offline: You understand the importance of shutting off. It’s not bad and most of the time, it’s what you need. So you hide your phone, shut off your whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat (phew!) for a good few days. It feels awkward at first but it’s totally worth it. What’s the point of always being online anyway?
  20. Express You Feelings: You have come to believe that in matters of the heart, it’s best to let it out. And you ensure that when you do speak, you are as articulate as can be. You may not get a second chance to say it again. So you wear your heart on your sleeve, big deal! At least people know you have a heart!
  21. Think Often: You may not talk as much as you used to. But you sure do spend a lot more time thinking; pondering over what ifs. Over the years, you have experienced life closely and you know better than to boast about it. Yes, you do still have a sense of humour and crack a good one with friends. But you’re wiser than ever; you just don’t feel the need to show it every now and then.
  22. Take a Tough Call: You are at that point when you know you have to make a decision and no, it’s not easy. You lose a piece of your soul with every tough decision you make. But you understand that, sometimes, it’s good to cut off the rotten parts of your life just so the remaining parts stay unaffected. Severing ties, saying goodbyes, moving on and many other things—the longer you hang on, the more hurt you will be.
  23. Being Honest: Not just with others but, and especially, with yourself. You have stopped pleasing others while harming yourself. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself and you can’t hide the truth when you’re alone.
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  24. Make A Choice: Life always offers you two paths to choose from, or various doors to go through. You have learned to stop fumbling because you know what you want and where you want to end up. You have started taking the next step before you second guess it. Your philosophy: You cannot undo what is done.
  25. Cut A Cake: Congratulations, you have accepted that you are turning a year older and it’s not as bad as they say! You know how you made it through the last year and that you deserve a holler. So, yes, you owe it to yourself to celebrate your birthday. You make sure that you cut that cake and eat it too. Also, you want gifts. It is your birth right.
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