When you’re sitting all by yourself in the quiet confines of open space, surrounded by countless trees and where the sun shines through the leaves and branches, that is when you look into an empty space – a vacuum – and you wonder, “Have I arrived?” The little voice, sitting in the darkest corner of your soul whispers, meekly, “You’ve only just started out.”
You look up at the trees and you think: “I want to rise higher than the highest tree in the world.”
You try to catch a tiny hint of the sun as it hides amidst the tree tops. Then you think to yourself: “I want to be Icarus; I want to touch the sun and burn in my own glory.”
Just then a strong breeze blows and the leaves rustle around you, creating a stir. You think to yourself: “I want to be stronger than the strongest wind that blows and create a stir in everybody’s lives.”
You look around and realise that you are, but, one tiny grain of existence, in a very big world. The little voice, in the darkest corner of your soul, laughs silently at the parody. You smile to yourself and think: “The world is not enough for me; the sky is not even the beginning of the limits.”
You realise, then, at that moment, that arrival is something you can only achieve at the end of the journey. For me, the journey has just begun; arrival is not even close to sight. But, then, I am a traveller; a wanderer. I want the journey to continue. Arrival is just not enough.