Come yonder for a moment, love
Tell me what am I to you?
Come over to my side, Dear one
Ask me what you mean to me.
Come and sit beside me, love
Stare into the horizon, with me.
Gently lay your hand upon mine
Silently pledge me your heart.
Come over, beyond the green li’l hill.
Come around the crooked path
Come and join me in my sweet tranquil
Come and get lost with me.
Sit down by my side, oh love
Sit down and hear me speak
So I’ll tell you what you are to me
I’ll tell you what you mean.
Beneath the shady trees we sit
Atop the green hill,
Staring lazily into the horizon
That lures us beyond the lake
So, come, do take my hand, my love
And lead me far away.
Lead me out into the open
So you can set free my heart.
Come, now, let’s walk on, my love.
The horizon beckons us to
Come and let us be forever
And dwell in love’s own way.