I want to go away to some far off place where the roads go, but don’t come back. I want to go off on a great escape; somewhere no one would care to search me out. I want to go on a long, long drive, down the straight road with no turns or bends. I want to go away, so far away.

I want to go in the direction of the wind, with a gentle breeze blowing in my face. I want to let my hair down – nice and loose – with no hang ups and knots. I want to close my eyes and shut the world, with all its philosophies out. I want to shut my eyes and feel. I want to feel the cool and gentle breeze as it wraps itself around me. I want to shut the sight of all things out and get lost in the orangey-red haze of psychedelic that plays in my head beneath my closed eyelids. It should be the only light I see, as a result of the sun shining high and bright.

I want to go somewhere no one ever goes. I want to live somewhere no one ever breathes. I want to venture some place no one ever got lost. I want to go so far away.

Then, I’ll sit on the edge of some rocky hill top, silently gazing into the bright horizon – the horizon that has a thousand promises waiting to be made and kept. The horizon is the promise kept. I want to stare into the horizon and drift away. I want to stare at the sun as it shines high and bright. I want to be someplace where the sun never sets. A constant source of light, it will guide me to nowhere.

I want to stare silently, with not a rustle of a leaf in the background; only the birds flying by, high up in the sky – flying away from here; away from where I am. I want to be alone – just the sun, the sky, the rocky hill and me – one with the horizon. We come from it and we shall return to it, hopefully, sometime soon. I want to get lost here. It’s a perfect place to get lost and never to be found again. I shall live without the world, in a world of my own. I shall eat off the silent thoughts that cease after a point and I shall breathe through the gentle breeze and the calm and fresh air around me. I shall sleep under the sky, with the stars, twinkling me to sleep. I shall awaken to the rising sun somewhere in the horizon and I shall drink of the dew drops that nestle in the flowers. I shall roam around and wander to and fro, always returning to the same spot – the rocky hill top – where I sit and stare in to the horizon, illuminated by the beautiful sun. I will learn of the millions of dreams that have come from and returned into that vacant heaven; I shall learn of the promises that remained unfulfilled. I shall open up to the mysteries of the Universe, only to learn the secrets of sorrow and betrayal. I shall understand the importance of feeling and then, I shall feel nothing at all. Then, when all is learnt and understood, I shall accept the different worlds within one world. I shall make my own world – all by myself. I shall relive the magic of one day to the next over and over again. It will be my source of life, forevermore.

I shall, finally, be at peace.

I want to go away; so far away. I want to go beyond the point of no return. I want to tread along the edge of the road with no pavements to bar. I want to walk my own road, and never turn around. I want to walk ahead and leave what’s left behind. The sun shall be my companion and the horizon my destination. The walk shall be my journey and may this journey never end.

So, I want to go away to some far off place. I want to go away; so, so far away…