It’s one of those days – the bluesy ones – that get your knickers in a twist. Blame it on the capacity of shit that gets registered in the brain for every reason that is completely incomprehensible. Am I making sense? No? Just what I thought. You see, it takes one mentally screwed person to recognise the other. So, unless your head has been screwed over, you’re not going to understand a word of what I write here. Question: Why are you wasting your time?
Coming to the point of this note; there is no such point. I just felt the urgency to vomit out all angst that has accumulated within me these past couple of hours. It feels like a good way to vent. You write your heart out.
… Okay, there’s no point blabbering. I’m going to get a little more head-screwed (I just coined that term).
Have fun!